Sometimes an employee may no longer want to or be able to stay with the employer. This may be due to a reorganization or an unresolvable labor dispute. This can cause a lot of uncertainty for the employee. Puls supports employees and employers when there is no prospect of a future together. This process is called outplacement.

The purpose of outplacement counseling

During an employee's outplacement process, we assess where an employee's qualities, desires and ambitions lie and look for suitable work with a new employer.


How does outplacement work at Puls?

The outplacement process starts with an intake in which the Puls consultant takes stock of the employee's education, employment history, skills, goals and expectations. In this way it is determined to what extent the employee has a clear and attainable professional image. In addition, an action plan is drawn up for the continuation of the program.

During the process, Puls supports the employee in:

  • Becoming aware and translating strengths into opportunities and possibilities;
  • Providing guidance on job application skills;
  • Creating a resume;
  • Finding a suitable job vacancies.
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