Additional Occupational health assessment (1st track and 2)

Have you had a Occupational health assessment carries out, but has the employee's workload capacity changed significantly since then? Then you can have an additional Occupational health assessment (1st track and 2) performed. Based on the recent capacity profile, the Occupational Assessor will again weigh the possibilities for suitable work in 1st and 2nd track. It can also happen that the UWV's expert opinion gives reason to have a additional Occupational health assessment carred out.

Purpose additional Occupational health assessment

During the additional examination, the recent load capacity is again used to weigh load and load capacity and again answer the questions asked during the Occupational health assessment (1st and 2nd track):

  • Can the employee return to own work?
  • Can the employee's own work be modified?
  • Can the employee reintegrate into suitable work with his or her own employer?
  • Can sustainable employability be secured with one's own employer?
  • Are there opportunities in the job market to guide the employee to suitable work with another employer?

When the Occupational health assessment was conducted by Puls

The supplemental Occupational health assessment begins with a telephone or video call with the employer and then with the employee. Based on these consultations and findings from the Occupational Health assessment, a additional report is produced that includes the answers to the following questions, revised opinions and conclusions. This is reflected in a draft report and after any changes are made, the revised draft version is mailed to the employer and employee. Any comments are incorporated into this and then the final one is sent to the employer and employee.

If the Occupational health assessment was not carries out by Puls

If the Occupational health assessment was not conducted by Puls , the additional Occupational health assessment proceeds somewhat differently. Namely, there is an interview with the employer including a workplace visit of about 60 minutes. Then there is another interview with the employee of also 60 minutes and possibly another joint interview. Based on these interviews and findings, a draft report is prepared by the Occupational Assessor of Puls. Any changes are processed and sent to the employer and employee.

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