Occupational health assessment ERD / ZW and WGA

When an employee becomes incapacitated for work, you have to deal with Dutch law 'Wet Verbetering Poortwachter'. This law describes various of steps that employer and employee must go through together over a period of two years. When an employee becomes partially incapacitated for work, after the WIA examination after two years he becomes eligible for benefits under the Regulation for Resumption of Partially Disabled Workers (WGA). The employer pays the costs for this for a maximum of ten years. For this financial risk, an employer is insured by the UWV as standard. But an employer can also choose to bear this financial risk himself by taking out absenteeism insurance. The employer is then "self-insurer".

The employer as self-insurer 

This means that the (former) employer remains responsible for the reintegration of his (former) employee, even after the 'Wet Verbetering Poortwachter' has been passed and the employment contract has been terminated. One of the reintegration steps can be the use of a Occupational health assessment own-risk carrier for the Sickness Benefits Act and WGA.

In it, the Occupational Assessor weighs the possibilities for suitable work with one's own employer (1st track) and suitable work with another employer (2nd track). A Occupational Assessor does this on the basis of the employee's capacity, this data is provided by the (company) doctor, and the demands of the job. The Occupational health assessment Eigenrisicodrager for the 'Ziektewet' en WGA is usually initiated 42 weeks after the WIA assessment. During the examination, Occupational Assessor answers the following questions:

  • Can you return to your former own work with your (former) employer?
  • Can your former own work with your (former) employer be modified?
  • Can you reintegrate into other work with your (former) employer?
  • Are there opportunities in the job market to guide you to other work with another employer?

How does a Occupational health assessment assessment for those who bear the risk of sickness and disability work (ERD/ZW and WGA)?

This examination is very similar to the Occupational Assessor examination that takes place around 1 year of absence. The Occupational Assessor identifies the 'job demands' of the former own work and any other jobs with your (former) employer. The demands of these jobs is compared to the limitations in the workload profile (IZP or FML). This is called a weighting. Based on this weighting, the Occupational Assessor provides advice on the next steps for reintegration.

During the assessment, the Occupational Assessor has a video call interview with the (former) employer of about 30 to 60 minutes including a workplace assessment and an consultation with the (former) employee of about 30 to 60 minutes. If desired, there is also a joint meeting between Occupational Assessor, (ex-)employer and (ex-)employee. Based on these interviews and findings, a draft report is drawn up by the Occupational Assessor of Puls. Any changes are processed and sent to the employer and employee.

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