3rd Track

During the 3rd Track trajectory we look for suitable and sustainable work for a (former) employee with a WGA work disability percentage. By finding work with the highest possible earning capacity for the (former) employee, various advantages can arise for both the employer and the (former) employee. The 3rd Track program is mainly used when the employer is responsible for the reintegration of a (former) employee for up to 10 years.


The goal of UWV JobFIT

The goal of 3rd Track pathways is to place employees with a WGA or WAO disability rate in suitable and sustainable work. Each guidance pathway is different. That is why Puls provides customization for each employee so that we can guide him or her as well as possible to suitable work.


How does 3rd Track work?

When a 3rd Track track is started, the candidate has already completed steps in the1st and2nd tracks. As a result, during this track, the consultant puts the emphasis on the questions "what has already been initiated?" and "where are there still opportunities?

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