Career Coaching

Career coaching brings clarity! During a process, the employee, together with the Career and Reintegration Consultant, examines where he or she stands in personal and professional development, what choices he or she can make and what possibilities he or she has for the further course of his or her career. We also look at what the position is in the current working environment, how he or she can best contribute to this and especially in which other internal positions he or she could flourish the most/better.
Should the above not be the desire, the focus will be on discovering the opportunities and growth possibilities in an external work environment.

The goal of UWV JobFIT

The goal of Career Coaching is clear, comprehensive and, above all, actionable advice.

Puls achieves this goal through:

  • Mapping employment-relevant characteristics such as: talents, qualities, ambitions and personality traits;
  • Translation of these insights into appropriate and job market-relevant career directions and concrete short-term and/or long-term professional/job opportunities;
  • Making personal career choices and plotted and setting a career plan;
  • Preparation of a career plan aimed at further internal and/or external job market research and/or realization of career goals.

How does career coaching work?

Career coaching at Puls consists of 3 individual coaching sessions, but can be extended per session if desired. Through various exercises and assignments, motivations, interests and affinities are identified. A personal profile is also drawn up based on knowledge, experience, skills and interests.

During career coaching, we use Jobport, an innovative online career tool used for various tests and surveys. These tests are linked to the most complete online database, providing detailed explanations of the content and capacity per task in a job. Not only the physical capacity, but also mental. If there are no limitations, this still provides relevant and detailed information about the division of tasks in a job, which can support the assessment. Options for further training and/or retraining are also indicated.

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