UWV JobFit 

UWV JobFit is also part of Puls' service package. This is a pathway for people with disability pensions, disability benefits (AG) or sickness benefits from the UWV. But also, for example, for young people on WAJONG benefit. Within the JobFit service, the client works with Puls to strengthen his or her position in the workforce. Ready to get back to work!

The goal of UWV JobFIT

The goal of a UWV JobFit program is guidance towards a suitable job or assistance in starting activities to become self-employed. Together with Puls, the customer will work on, among other things, searching for vacancies, applying adequately, writing a good CV, writing letters and approaching employers. The service is for people on ZW benefit or AG benefit.

UWV JobFit pathways are there for people who are ready to go back to work after sickness or disability, but who are unable to find a job. They can make use of a UWV JobFi pathway. Together with a Puls consultant, the client gets to work on applying for a job and networking.

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