Career Check Up

Want to keep your employees vital and sustainably employable in the future? Then deploy Puls 's Career Check Up .

The goal of a Career Check Up

With the career Check Up, or career check, from Puls , the employee gains more insight to actively work on his or her vitality and career. The employee may approach the employer for a targeted request for help. The employee's attitude is no longer passive and waiting, but active and goal-oriented.

Although anyone can benefit from this service, it is particularly suitable for:

  • Employees with heavy occupations and a one-sided work history (construction/home care/logistics);
  • Employees whose jobs may disappear or experience a strong change in performance (transportation, manufacturing, retail);
  • Employees who resume work after a long period of illness;
  • Employees with poorly maintained job skills;
  • Employees in cyclical jobs;
  • Employees who rarely, if never, receive career advice or career coaching.

How does the Career Check Up work?

The 'Career Check Up' begins with a telephone consultation and the submission of a completed questionnaire and CV of the employee. Then various tests and insightful exercises are prepared for the employee. Once the results are in, a session of about 2 hours is scheduled to extensively go through all the information and combine it with relevant and job market information.

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