Occupational health assessment

In case of long-term absenteeism, the Dutch law "Wet verbetering poortwachter poortwachter requires the employer to work with your employee to ensure that the employee can reintegrate as soon as possible. If your employee has been absent for a longer period of time and you want concrete and thorough advice on the reintegration possibilities for work, it is wise to have a Occupational health assessment conducted. At a Occupational health assessment 1st track (suitable work with your own employer) and 2nd track (suitable work with another employer), the Occupational Assessor weighs the employee's load capacity and the demands in the job.


Using this weighting and the legislation surrounding reintegration, Occupational Assessor will answer the following questions:

  • Can the employee return to own work?
  • Can the employee's work be modified?
  • Can the employee reintegrate into other work with their own employer?
  • Can sustainable employability be secured with one's own employer?
  • Are there opportunities in the job market to guide the employee to other work with another employer?

By answering these questions, Occupational Assessor determines the most optimal reintegration plan. Reintegrating with one's own employer is called 1st track . Reintegrating with another employer is 2nd track called.

What does a Occupational health assessment look like?

In the Occupational Health Assessment, Occupational Assessor has consecutive consecutive:

  • an interview with the employer, ± 60 minutes (including workplace visit)
  • an interview with the employee, ± 60 minutes
  • a joint discussion, 10-60 minutes (optional)

The interviews take place at the employer's location. After these interviews, the Occupational Assessor will incorporate his or her findings into a report.


Why choose Puls for an AD research (1st track and 2)?

Puls is a nationwide organization with knowledge and expertise in the field of reintegration, mobility and development. The Occupational health assessment always takes place at the workplace of the employee involved, we take ample time for you and your employee and always deliver a comprehensive report with concrete conclusions and advice.

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