Feasibility trajectory 

Do you have an employee on sick leave and are you unsure if investing in reintegration in 2nd track is worthwhile? Then set up a feasibility trajectory. This will tell you whether your reintegration efforts are necessary and whether you may have to incur costs, but also whether the employee is not unnecessarily burdened.

Why a feasibility trajectory?

A feasibility trajectory is used to see whether reintegration mediation still makes sense. It is often used when the occupational assessor's report shows that there are no or hardly any job opportunities for the employee and when the employee is expected to be declared fully incapacitated during a WIA assessment. The process is only carried out when the employee is still in the first year of illness.


How does the feasibility trajectory work?

During Puls' feasibility assessment, a conversation takes place between the consultant and the candidate during which the consultant asks various questions to get a picture of the candidate. Based on answers and the occupational assessor's report, it is determined whether reintegration mediation still makes sense. If necessary, the consultant also has contact with the occupational assessor and occupational health physician involved to get a better picture of the possibilities and/or limitations described in the occupational assessor's report and/or functional capabilities list.

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