Sustainable Employability Assessment (ESA)

Has your employee not dropped out (yet), but do you doubt the (sustainable) employability of this employee? Or can your employee perform his or her tasks less and less well. Then you can use a preventive occupational health examination, or Employee Sustainability Assessment (ESA).

Purpose sustainable employability Assessment

In a world where "change" seems to be the only constant, employers expect employees to be able to adapt to changes at work and/or changes in their personal live. Usually this succeeds, but sometimes the changes are such that an employer is concerned about the sustainable employability of his employee in work in their current role. For example, the employer may notice changes in the employee's behavior or encounter obstacles in the employee's ability to perform their job. The goal of a Sustainable Employability Assessment is to gain insight into into the obstacles that hinder the sustainable employability of the employee and to explore possible solutions to promote their sustainable employability..

During the Sustainable Employability Assesment, the employment expert answers the following questions:

  • What are the bottlenecks affecting the sustainable employability of the employee?
  • What solutions and recommendations can be provided to better ensure sustainable employability with the current employer?
  • What solutions and recommendations can be provided to promote the sustainable employability of the employee in general?

How does a sustainable employability Assesment work?

The study starts with a telephone consultation between the Occupational Assessor of Puls and the employer to determine the purpose of the sustainable employability study. The employer receives a digital proposal from Occupational Assessor with a date and time for the ESA to take place. The employer then invites the employee to this. During this appointment the Occupational Assessor conducts a separate interview with both the employer and the employee. These interviews preferably take place at the employee's work location. During these interviews the Occupational Assessor asks questions based on a 'fixed' questionnaire. These questions include the employee's own work and how the employee performs it.

The Occupational Assessor makes a short report of the interviews. This draft report is then submitted to the employer and employee. It contains concrete problems, possible solutions and advice. In doing so, we observe the privacy rules. The discussion reports of the employer, the employee and the advice are combined in one report by Occupational Assessor . Both the employer and the employee receive the report. This with the advice to discuss the given advice together and make it concrete. 6 months after the Sustainable Employability Assessment there will be an evaluation meeting between Occupational Assessor and the employer.

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