Job coaching

Sometimes intensive on-the-job coaching is needed to keep someone employed or to get them into a new or different workplace. A job coach can conduct a thorough analysis of what is needed to bring an employee to his/her strengths in a particular work setting. This analysis results in practical action points. This involves the employee, but also the employer, intensively in order to achieve a sustainable result.

The purpose of job coaching

The job coaching program aims to make labor participation of people with disabilities in a specific workplace optimal and sustainable. This involves activities that go beyond, for example, the employer's usual induction program or that are necessary to maintain the workplace and require extra/intensive attention. The aim is to create a workable situation between the employee with a disability and colleagues and supervisors in the immediate working environment.

Job coaching is often used for:

  • Employment of a person with durable limitations;
  • Internal redeployment of an employee (1st track);
  • Making a work experience placement successful .

How does Job Coaching work?

Within a job coaching program, an employee receives personal and customized guidance from an internal or external job coach. Through an extensive intake with employee, employer and a workplace assessment, a matching profile is drawn up. From this, coaching goals are set, on which the guidance is based. The result is a Matching and Coaching Plan. During the follow-up sessions, which usually last an hour and a half, coaching is carried out on the basis of the Matching and Coaching Plan and personal goals.

In some cases, job coaching in the form of personal support can be requested as a facility through UWV. If the employee is considered structurally functionally limited and there is a clear indication for job coaching, an application can be submitted via the job coaching portal by a registered job coaching organization. UWV determines whether this is granted. If personal support is granted as a facility by UWV, the costs of this pathway can be partially or fully reimbursed. There are no guarantees in this. A quoation from Puls can be sent upon request.

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