2nd track

The match between the employee and the work is missing; something that can happen in any organization. This may be because the employee no longer enjoys the work or that the work can no longer be performed due to limitations. As an employer, you can do several things to support the employee in the search for suitable work. Puls supports you in this.

2nd Track reintegration process: reintegration with another employer

When an employee has dropped out and it is uncertain whether he or she can return to the current workplace, a 2nd Track program  of Puls can be used. Together with a career and reintegration consultant, the employee's qualities and possibilities for the future are examined. In addition, the employee is helped to acquire application skills and to find suitable, but above all interesting vacancies. Our goal is that the employee returns to work with pleasure.

The purpose of 2nd Track reintegration

The absence of an employee is no fun, either for the employer or the employee. Still, the employee may not be able to return to the current position. In that case, it is beneficial for both parties to find a suitable solution. That's where Puls comes in. Our goal is for the employee to find a job he or she enjoys going to. This can also be another job within the current organization.


How does 2nd track work?

A second track process takes an average of 6 months and can be ended in a number of ways:

  • The employee's employment is terminated;
  • The employee returned to the old job, both in terms of hours and tasks;
  • The employee has found a new job with another employer.

If all this has not yet happened in the first 6 months, the pathway can sometimes be extended for several months.

The 2nd track process in four steps

The 2nd track process of Puls is divided into four steps:

  • Step 1: Acceptance and orientation. This involves discussing the situation and its impact on the workplace. It is not about what an employee can no longer do, but rather what is still possible.
  • Step 2: Job Application Training. The Puls consultant assists and supports the employee with drafting or improving the resume, writing a good application letter and practicing job interviews.
  • Step 3: Mediation. Puls assists in the search for suitable and enjoyable job opportunities to find a great job.
  • Step 4: Work Experience. Sometimes it can be very helpful to gain experience in a new direction. This can be done through an internship, work experience position placement or posting secondment. With this new experience, the employee has an even better chance of finding a great, new job.
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