Flex guidance under sickness law

The goal of Sickness Act Flex guidance is to find a suitable placement for an employee or former employee with 65% or more earning capacity.

How does Sickness Law Flex guidance work?

At Puls, every route is tailor-made, also in the case of Sickness Law Flex guidance. During an intake interview, it is agreed with an employee or former employee what the consultant will do for him or her and what he or she will do themselves. At the start of the program, the employee receives an online invitation for an onboarding session. This session consists of a short questionnaire and information about Puls. In order to guide the employee in the best possible way, we use this onboarding to map out the wishes and needs and indicate the role of the Puls consultant within a trajectory. The questions include the employee's current work situation, personal characteristics and competences, and about work in the future. Filling in the questionnaire takes about 5 to 10 minutes. This onboarding is non-binding and the employee can give his/her consent as to whether the results can be shared with the relevant counsellor.


In all cases, the consultant will ensure maximum activation of the (former) employee by focusing on, among other things:

  • Job counseling
  • Proper preparation for first-year assessment and/or WIA application.
  • Searching for suitable vacancies and developing suitable search profiles.

Depending on the need, the consultant can also suggest other instruments such as vocational orientation, training, trial placement or work experience placement. At the start and end, the consultant reports on progress and further every three months and in case of any particularities. If there are placement possibilities, the new employer will be informed about the employee's suitability for the new work, subsidy possibilities, any secondment constructions, etc. After placement, three months of aftercare will be provided.

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