From disadvantaged to confident

A candidate of consultant Rob van Hees had become stuck in her job and a return was not considered appropriate by the company doctor. There was no belief in successful reintegration into other work with another employer. Until she entered a 2nd track program at Puls .



At the beginning of the program, the candidate was quite negative about her own abilities. She saw herself as underprivileged on the labor market. She saw mainly impossibilities and used age, education, work experience, etc. to support these impossibilities. To get the program moving, a reorientation on wishes and possibilities was needed.

Quest in the healthcare industry

Some tests and interviews showed a fairly strong interest in care and assistance. She had also completed training in caregiving in the past, so this was not out of the blue. The candidate was therefore encouraged by me to start looking for great jobs in care, with me initially not necessarily requiring her to look at requirements in job postings. This made for a somewhat non-committal search in the healthcare sector. Thus, she felt no pressure because there was no talk of applying yet.

Suitable personality for healthcare

After that search, she was able to tell me what she would like to do, but also immediately pointed out her doubts regarding feasibility. As a counterbalance to the doubts, I discussed with her the necessary personal qualities for the job, which I thought she certainly possessed.

This she saw as complimentary, recognizing that she has a suitable personality for working in healthcare. It became possible with this preparation to put motivation and suitability in a letter, and to make it clear in telephone contact with employers.


Thus, she increasingly sought opportunities on her own accord and found a position as a personal support worker for a few hours a week.

There was an important affirmation in getting the job, but also in noticing that she could do this work well and was energized by it. From this experience, she began to gain more confidence in herself and her abilities.

A positive change

Accordingly, the candidate was then invited to multiple interviews following her new job applications, which she increasingly looked forward to with confidence. Toward the end of the process, she was seconded to a position as a personal support worker after a trial placement.

The new employer was convinced by her and arrangements were made for the future. Direct employment followed and use of benefits was avoided.

The new employee was somewhat surprised at herself afterwards when she looked back on her own growth process. She had not expected to become proud of herself. The original employer was also positive about the outcome and process of change the person had gone through.

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