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Are you looking for a company that can guide you through a 3rd Track process? Then you have come to the right place at Puls ! If an employee is sick for two years, they will receive WGA status at the employer's expense. This can last for 10 years. The UWV unfortunately does not do much about this, but for the employer this can be very costly. Puls does help you! Together with the employer and the occupational health and safety service, we look at the capacity of the employee and develop a suitable solution.

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3rd Track trajectory | Puls is at your service

After 2 years of not working, it's time for 3rd Track. After all, doing nothing is not an option. It is harmful for the employee and also costly for the employer if the employee falls under the WGA scheme. If you engage Puls for 3rd Track, you will avoid having to pay your incapacitated employee's WGA benefits for a long time. Moreover, your employee will receive professional support to take the next step.

For guidance on a 3rd Track route, Puls actively seeks cooperation with partners. Resolu is the expert in the field of WGA guidance within paraDIGMA groep. This means that we have all the expertise and cooperation possibilities at our fingertips to successfully complete the 3rd Track pathway.

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