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Are you looking for a career coach for extra support at work or to take the next step in your career? Then you've come to Puls to the right place. We are not only there for employees who are looking for a new challenge, but also for employers who are looking for a new match between employee and work. In both cases, we help you to map out the wishes, to look at the Puls and getting it ready for a new step.

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Is there no longer a match between employee and work? Then the chance of absenteeism is many times higher than when the match is there. Therefore, it is just as important for an employer as for an employee to map out the career well and to intervene in time when the work no longer fits or can no longer be performed.

When an employee is absent and can no longer return to his or her own position with his or her own employer, a 2nd track or 3 trajectory. In doing so, the consultant of Puls Working together with the employee or mapping out the wishes, experiences and possibilities and casting them in a suitable position in a way. It may still be possible to start working for your own employer with this new position. This is called a 2nd track-route. It is also possible that a new employer has to be found for this new position, this is called a 3rd Track-route. In the event of a 3rd Tracktrajectory, the employee also receives application training and help in drawing up a good motivation letter and CV. It is not always the case that there is a 3rd Track The process is used when an employee is absent. It can also be because the company is going to reorganize, relocate or mechanize. Based on being a good employer, employers want to offer employees a chance to get back to work in a position they like.

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