A day with consultant Emmy

Autumn 2018. Consultant and Occupational Assessor Emmy van Graft opens a new assignment that has just arrived in her mailbox.


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Together with his employer, a jobhunter prepared and went through the intake form and search profile. The young man was employed as an auto mechanic, he indicated during his intake that he would love to continue working with cars or in a combination job where his limitations would not be fully burdened.

With these desires in mind, there was a full search for suitable opportunities. The candidate's region of residence complicated the process. Fortunately, it was possible to search for a new employer up to more than 40 km outside his home town, so all chances were spread! Almost all garages, salvage yards, towing services and transport companies were approached. Many times we got back that it was difficult to offer a full-time position with the candidate's limitations.

After a brainstorming session with the candidate, he indicated he was open to a different search direction as long as his limitations allowed for the work and he might be able to advance in the new organization. Completely blank and with fresh courage, we started the search again in his region. Until one of the job hunters came across a vacancy from a well-known security agency. They were looking for new talent for the region. Internal training would be part of the job and, if the job performed well, career advancement opportunities would be negotiable. After an extensive interview with the recruiter, the first job interview was scheduled for the candidate via Skype. Enthusiastically he prepared himself for this and with success! On to the second interview, which would take place at a location of the organization. This interview was also pleasant. The young man would receive a screening before he was officially hired. This is common practice in the security industry. This screening does take a while but after 9 weeks he received the redeeming phone call. The screening was positive and they would be happy to offer him a contract! The first Monday of the following month he started in his new position. Meanwhile, the young man has completed his internal training, holds an official security pass and is employed full-time by his new employer. He says he enjoys it immensely and hopes to work here for many years to come.

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