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What will your employees do until retirement? It may sound far away to some, but that's exactly why it's good to think about it! Because what if the work in five years time is no longer the same, the work is getting harder or there is no longer any job satisfaction? What options will your employee have and what can you, as an employer, do in that case?

It is important for you as an employer to encourage employees to think about career progression. The retirement age is getting higher and higher, and by that time it is more difficult for aging employees to make the transition when they can no longer do the job and drop out. In the interest of your employees' sustainable employability, attention and growth for development should be encouraged.

The game 'The Time Machine: What will you do until retirement?

To answer this question, Puls developed a digital career check in the form of a unique and accessible game: 'The Time Machine'. No boring questionnaire, but a fun game where employees learn more about themselves, work and their future. Easy to play via mobile and PC.

The game literally takes you back in time and asks the participating employee questions in a playful manner: what do you think of your current job, are you happy in your current position and are you open to new developments? With answers to these questions, the employee gains more clarity on the question "What are you going to do until retirement?" and the first step is taken to take control of his/her own career.

Investing in the future of your employees

Based on the outcomes, we advise you as an employer on the sustainable employability policy, career policy and/or senior citizens policy. The personal outcome is the first step for the employee: how to take control of your own career.

Winner of the Career Case of the Year Audience Award!

The Time Machine won the Career Case of the Year 2021 Audience Award on Dec. 9. This award was presented by CareerPro.

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