Influence of work stress

Workplace stress is occupational disease No. 1. One-third of work-related absenteeism is caused by work-related stress. In addition, work-related stress causes reduced productivity and less job satisfaction, among other things. Work-related stress is therefore detrimental to both employers and employees.


As an employer, what can you do about job stress?

As an employer, you play a major role in preventing stress, and because of this, you can do something about it. First, in fact, it is important to address the cause of work stress. Make sure that communication is open and that your employees feel safe to talk openly and put the causes of their work stress on the table. You can also make sure your employees are experiencing adequate energy sources. Are they doing the work they are good at? Do they have an adequate understanding of their strengths and interests? Is a good work-life balance possible? You can also teach employees to cope with a higher workload. For example, train them in time management and prioritization. Do not forget the good and healthy working environment: think of healthy food in the company restaurant, good ventilation, plants and quiet workspaces where your employees can work undisturbed and concentrated.

Services for stress-related complaints

At Puls we have several services that we can use for stress-related complaints. Both preventive and from absence:

Job coaching

In job coaching , we look with your employee at the work that is causing the stress and deploy appropriate tools to ensure that it becomes less stressful for the employee. Job coaching can be used when an employee has fallen into absenteeism to shorten the period of absenteeism, but can certainly also be used to prevent absenteeism! Prevention is better (and cheaper) than cure.

ACT measurement

ACT stands for Analytical Competence Tool. The measurement identifies which talents your employee has (natural strengths) and can still develop (development potential) and which positive characteristics under stress in your employee change into negative characteristics (performance strengths). In a personal interview your employee will receive insight into the conclusions and which personal characteristics he or she can develop or use to work more from personal strengths. This can prevent absenteeism.

2nd track trajectory

Has your employee dropped out due to stress-related symptoms and is it time for a 2nd track program? Even then Puls is there for you. The 2nd track programs at Puls are tailor-made. We match the program as closely as possible to the possibilities of your employee and keep an eye on the guidelines of the Wet Verbetering Poortwachter. Curious about an example? Read the story of Jan.

Support for absenteeism due to work stress

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