Occupational health assessment 2nd track

Would you like more information about a Occupational health assessment 2nd track ? We, at Puls, can help you further! A 2nd track reintegration process aims to find a suitable job outside the own employer. After all, in an earlier track it was not possible to find a solution between the employee and the current employer. By then engaging Occupational health assessment we can actively look at the ambitions, interests and skills of the employee and the corresponding possible positions with new employers.

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Occupational health assessment 2nd track | Puls helps you further!

The labor experts at Puls provide objective advice on employment options. This is sometimes confrontational, but will always lead to greater insight and specific advice on next steps. Sometimes something happens in an employee's life that causes limitations in functioning. These restrictions can be medical in nature, but can also be related to age, newly introduced techniques, organizational changes or a drastic event in the private situation.

These limitations may result in a person no longer being able to perform his or her own work (or not fully). In that case it is important to investigate what the possibilities are; in the first instance with the current employer and possibly with another employer (such as the 2nd track-trajectory). Here the specialists of Puls can help you and/or your company.

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